Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paper Purse

So here is my latest treasure!! I made this with my Stampin' Up demonstrator, and yes, it took all day! I plan on trying it again and I am sure that it will be faster the second time around. It is a purse made of all paper and some thin card board for the front and back. It holds 6 cards, 6 envelopes, 1 pen, and the stamps needed to mail it. Velcro holds the latch closed on the top of the purse as well as the small pocket. The ribbon for the strap is Rich Razzleberry and the paper used to decorate it and the cards is the International Bizarre Designer Series Paper. The original project and instructions were found on Pinterest. 


BACK (with postage stamp pocket)

INSIDE (with pen and six cards and envelopes)

Thanks for looking!!!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Work Space

I am so BLESSED to have a space to keep all of my stuff and to work! Here is a brief look!

It isn't a large space, only a 12' x 12' bedroom, which I share with all my books :) and my hubby's drum set. One wall has all of my craft storage. The window wall has my desk (nice and large with a glass top from Ikea) which jets out into the center of the room. The next wall has four, seven foot tall, full bookcases with all my books (mostly children's books) and a three foot tall bookcase with large bins full of yarn. The last wall has the closet and the door; the closet has been emptied of my things -- it houses the drum set (half in / half out because of the size), all set up and ready to be played, with shelves up above for my hubby's beer brewing supplies.

For the full tour, check out this short video.


Welcome to my blog! So glad you made your way here, either on purpose or by accident. I am brand new to this whole blogging thing so just bare with me as I make the trek through this whole deal. I am 27 years old and a mother of 2 beautiful boys. They are 20 months and 2 months old. And yes, they keep me quite busy! I am blessed to be a stay at home mom now, and was previously a teacher. When the babies aren't competing for my attention it goes to my hubby (when he's home) and my 2 doggies --Tank is the big French Mastiff and Gizmo is the small, white, Shi-Tzu. They are also boys! So five boys and me... the Queen :) With the free time that I do get / make (to keep myself sane) I like card making. I have fallen in love with Stampin' Up in the last year or two, but have so many other supplies already that I am not yet loyal to it. So this blog is mainly dedicated to just that... my creations! ENJOY!