Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Valentine's Day LOVE frames

Hello everyone! This post is another of the Valentine's Day goodies that I have been up to. But this time it's not cards! I know it's hard to believe...

The craft on today's post was my mom's idea and I just went with it. It turned out to not be too difficult (I'll tell you what could have made it easier) and only took an hour or so to do both frame sets.

Set 1

The supplies we used for this project were 8 small ceramic and acrylic frames and pearl letters found in the sale bins at Michael's Craft Store.

We also used one sheet of black card-stock and the other backgrounds were made from what came with the products we bought. (The pink and the grey came from the pearl letters, and the multicolored papers were cut and fit together using the frame backgrounds)

This project could have been easier but we had to alter a few of the letters - we turned the two "A"s into "V"s and turned two "C"s into "O"s using what we cut off of the "A"s. Since the letters were so picked through already we did not find exactly what we were looking for - LOVE - but we made it work out.

Basically, we trimmed the background to fit the frames, stuck the letters on (they come as one piece), and popped them in the frames!!! That's it!

The time it took me was eaten up by planning, altering backgrounds, and altering letters.

Set 2

 Thanks for looking! Now get out there and craft!


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